Since setting up our company in 2007, we’ve been providing bespoke production services across the Brazilian territory and throughout South America.

We can call on years of hands-on experience, harnessing Brazilian talent and creativity in wonderful Rio de Janeiro, dynamic Sao Paulo, iconic Brasilia, lush Amazonia, dramatic Rio Grande do Sul, laid back Bahia and beyond.

We work with the world’s foremost commercials production companies and intuitively understand the particular demands of producing such high end work.

We also work with the world’s top feature film and documentary producers and are proud to have provided production for international award winning work.

No job is too big nor too small. Each job is individual and we cut our cloth to best accommodate the needs of our production partners.

We are proud to have developed successful and long-standing relationships with such companies as Believe Media, Epoch Films, Imperial Woodpecker, RSA Films, The Sweet Shop, HSI Productions, Wanda, Caviar, Media Monks and brands including Heineken, Corona, Wrigleys, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, LVMH, Microsoft, Nike, Absolut, ESPN, Nissan, Range Rover , Unilever, Kraft and Nestle to name a few.

Lately we’ve also been working directly with brands such as Adidas, Petrobras, Snapchat and Oracle, being able to call on exciting, new, local directing talent.

In 2012, we produced the award winning Brazilian feature film Éden, written and directed by Bruno Safadi in co-production with TB Produçoes.

We currently have further feature film and TV projects in development for both the Brazilian and International markets.

We’re also proud to have provided long term production support for the BAFTA award winning feature doc SENNA as well as shows such as the ITV South Bank Show with its special on the artist Seu Jorge.

With hard experience of navigating Brazilian red tape, we offer the fullest of production services, securing official Ancine authorisation and importing films for broadcast on TV in Brazil.